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"Providing independent and
professional advice"
  Non-executive director
  Financial planning and control

  What is your answer to these questions?
1. Do you meet formally with your bankers
to review the financial resources of your
business annually?
2. Do you review your management accounts
on a monthly basis?
3. Have you recently reviewed all your
operations including its cost base?
4. Did you prepare a Business Plan in the
last year?
5. Do you hold director meetings
on a regular basis?
6. Are your returns with the Revenue
Commissioners and Companies
Registration Office up to date?

7. Is your company complying with all Irish
and EU legislation including industry
specific legislation and requirements?
  If you answer 'No' to any of these questions, maybe we
could be of assistance to you.
8. Do you find one-off tasks or projects
diverting too much of your time from the
core operations of the business?
9. Do you plan a major project in the next
12 months that will require an
additional managerial resource?
10. Did you ever wish you had an independent
professional to bounce ideas off, or discuss
business opportunities or problems with
in confidence?
  If you answer "Yes" to any of these questions, please call us.

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